- Getting rejected from Slade and Goldsmiths
+ Getting a place at AUCB
+ A perfect home weekend, with perfect presents to bring back to Bournemouth

+ Arrival of Sam and the magical hatstand night and finding a black cat sat waiting for us on the mat of our doorstep when we got back for a 4am sitting room cuddle

+ Courgette & mushroom bread baking

+ American Douchebag houseparty and an amazing sunny seaside pub lunch morning-after cure.

- Bruising every bone carrying 14kg of portfolio en route to London, waddling about with the 14kg death case, then falling over, getting laughed at and shouted at, gettinginthewayofeveryone around me, trying to locate Mum somewhere in the vicinity of Victoria coach station arrivals. She was at Victoria train station, in the London Bus ONLY hell circle, "WANKERSS" screaming at the bus drivers trying to ram her off the road. She eventually found me as she was driving the wrong way up a one-way road and stopping mid-traffic. We're obviously from Wales.

+ A nice night in Brixton

- An interview woman at Camberwell just like Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada, but colder.

+ But she offered me a place on the spot for BA drawing, yeeey!

+ Back to Bournemouth via New Forest adventures. Champagne and mumma to stay.


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